Survive 2021 and beyond!: Part 3

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With the rapid changes to America in the last 15 months, the need to re-evaluate our priorities and planning for the future is required. In part 3 of this special series, we examine plans on how to survive politically. This includes maintaining freedoms and working within the political system to Make America Great Again. Be sure to subscribe with an email address to receive all posts.

Check out parts 1 and 2 if you missed the financial overview where we examined diversify your income stream and investments as the economic conditions have shifted nationally.


STATE– The States must retain and regain strength. Follow the lead of Florida and challenge woke corporatism, activism from the left-controlled Congress and Presidency and protect traditional American values and practices.

FEDERAL -Conservative candidates must be supported NOW to win back Congress in November 2022.

Dem 219 Rep 211 vacant 5 in U.S. House / Senate tied 50-50

FUTURE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS-Conservatives must support the Republican candidate best able to beat Kamala Harris in 2024. Whether this is Trump or a choice of DeSantis, Cruz, Pence, Paul or Noem; a strong voice is required. Unfortunately, Republicans may never win another Presidential election IF the Electoral College is subverted. Challenge the NPVIC initiatives in your state!

The Electoral College was designed to ensure the influence of all states and their citizens, not mob rule or the whims of the majority. Currently, the left has used a slick campaign, state by state, to adopt the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). This interstate compact would award each member states’ presidential electors to the candidate that receives the most votes nationwide instead of the current winner take all system used in 48 states and proportional in Maine and Nebraska. The striking difference would be the focus on the national popular vote, typically favoring Democratic Presidential candidates instead of the Electoral Collège which has benefitted Republican candidates slightly more, especially noted in 2000 and 2016.

Update: As of September 2020, the NPVIC legislation has been adopted by fifteen states and the District of Columbia, accounting for 196 electoral votes. This amounts to 72.6% of the 270 votes needed to legally activate the NPV interstate compact.

James Madison said that the “violence of factions…. is the mortal disease under which popular governments every where perished”. (Federalist 10) The ‘democratic’ wish list spread by the MSM clearly presents as a faction against the traditions and values of the Republic. The lives lost to create and preserve America are owed our dedication to fight politically. Most Americans care about the radical changes brought to bear in just a few months, but so far have not organized like the left in mastering the message, the political ground game or the fielding of candidates.

The survival of the American citizen is tied directly to the survival of the institution of representative democracy embedded in our constitutional republic.

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As you and your family chart your future, join us in part 4 as we explore PHYSICAL SURVIVAL.

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