Blame It On R.A.P.

The recent negative changes in America can be traced to the decline of respect and personal accountability. Police are scorned, attacked and reviled. Gender norms have been skewed and often reversed. Public education focuses more on social justice and sensitivity training then basic mathematics, reading / writing instruction and actual history.

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Since the 1960’s, the growth of liberal thought has pervaded institutions of higher education and entertainment. These views were not mainstreamed until the last decade, when borderline idolatry of former President Barack Obama and the subsequent attacks on conservatives commenced. These attacks galvanized around then candidate Trump who became the lightning rod for all criticism and baseless attacks. Transgressions by Democratic politicians from Hillary Clinton to Andrew Cuomo have gone generally unchecked by the mainstream media and the entertainment elite. Since the 2016 election, celebrities, and now corporate figures have become fiercely partisan and intolerant of conservative America.


Remember when everyone stood for the flag, honored the military and police and recognized America’s greatness?

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Personal accountability for one’s actions and concerns for community were normal and taught at all levels. The new self-centered, hedonistic approach to life has overtaken good sense and hard work with excuses. The new moral relativism, common nationwide, is evident in popular culture and ensures individual interests supersede the traditional values accepted and expected in the United States of America.

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How do we get it back?

Demand traditional curriculum and procedures in schools, demand OUR entertainment venues retain traditions, hold politicians and government officials accountable as they work for us! Ultimately, boycott companies that will not support traditional American values and above all, instill respect and accountability into the next generation.

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