Liberal Agenda or else! 10 actions becoming reality!

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  1. Statehood for Washington D.C. is sought by the left to add two Senate seats that will be forever Democratic. Since the Senate is still tied 50-50, the plan which sailed through the House will face a tough Senate battle. Expect this to be a persistent effort and see Puerto Rico added to the initiative.
  2. The liberal half of the Senate wants to remove the filibuster rule, ensuring majority (Democratic) control for all legislation. Used by both parties extensively when in the minority role, the attempt to remove this hallmark of Senate deliberation is suspect. Removal of the filibuster will open up a liberal wish list with an attack on the Electoral College following.
  3. Denial of the border crisis as a created, preventable emergency. New, Democratic voters are seemingly sought as the limits and enforcement on the U.S. Southern border are rapidly removed.
  4. Gun control legislation and executive orders are fast-tracked as another fictitious “public health emergency”. The goal of safer America does not look at the realities of violence in America from the perpetrators , root causes and solution in basic law enforcement.
  5. Racism has been fabricated and promoted in all institutions and in everything “American”. The radical left uses their media power to influence corporate and government rules and practices in a growing movement to recast America as a racist country when the opposite has been proven.
  6. Education has been overrun by modern liberalism, pushing pro-LGTBQ, anti-racism and sensitivity training while neglecting academic rigor, grit and the strength of character and body- previous standards in public education.
  7. The attacks on voting security statewide, (think Georgia) highlights the goal of increasing voter turnout, whether valid or fraudulent. The unabashed attempt to challenge voter i.d. and other common sense requirements runs contrary to the mandates of identification for everything from vaccines, transportation, employment, lodging and finance.
  8. Disinformation from political spokespersons, government officials and the media is designed to marginalize truth and use false, biased “fact checks” to intentionally alter public opinion and beliefs. 1984 has arrived!
  9. Federal spending of trillions that does not exist in the budget and tie all to government dependency, social justice and / or climate change. The cost has already become evident as lost jobs, inflation, devaluation of the dollar and tax increases have resulted. Increased debt and spending is likely to create a very unfavorable economic scenario.
  10. Fear of covid, already under control, will perpetuate government control at all levels while ignoring true threats. International threats posed by China, Iran, North Korea and Islamic Fundamentalist terror groups will go unchallenged as they grow in influence and capability.
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America, the greatest republic and modern day titan of POWER and FREEDOM has been tranquilized, caged, underfed and mistreated in just a few, short months. The great guardian of liberty with an unmatched military pedigree, an unparalleled economic track record and unequaled cultural influence looks tired and downtrodden. Time still remains to fix the radical ailments that have befallen the great nation. However, after the current attacks, relentless transformation underway and prospects for Democratic dominance in future elections, the window of opportunity is closing. Listen to our podcasts for words of hope and please SHARE and SUBSCRIBE for the latest posts and podcasts.

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