Fear v. Freedom

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Also known as liberals v. conservatives, tradition v. radical change, respect v. resistance and systemic liberalism v. common sense American values. The radical changes in governance, public opinion, media manipulation, fiscal policy and social norms are unparalleled in U.S. History.

America has faced challenges before and undergone monumental changes as a result. However, we are in a paradigm shift in the American experience at this moment. The country rallied together after Pearl Harbor and 9/11. Most Americans navigated the Spanish Flu of 1918/1919 and the Great Depression with civility and respect for institutional freedoms. Jobs were sought, businesses and schools reopened, faces uncovered and illnesses braved!

The Civil War and both World Wars showed both division and unity, with political differences largely reconciled in the aftermath. The current pandemic was an opportunity for unity, but was exploited for political purposes to change the course of the 2020 election and serve as the springboard for fear-mongering and the erosion of American liberties.

Despite vaccination availability for the vulnerable and a declining death toll, fear persists. New strains, continued masking and distancing despite the minimal threat the virus poses to our citizens is the basis for continued fear. Even the CDC doesn’t factor asymptomatic transmission, post-vaccination as a data-supported concern. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated.html

The fear of this virus, others and even basic illnesses causes many Americans to plan for long-term precautions, avoidance of activities, travel and gatherings. Schools are still not fully reopened nationwide and many businesses continue to suffer. Half of all unemployed Americans say they are not seeking working out of fear of catching or spreading the virus. These 4.2 million potential workers are not in the vulnerable demographic, yet have been influenced into believing working is dangerous. (Investing.com)

America as a whole, has changed. Sadly these difference are clearly across political lines as most conservatives have emerged embracing liberty, choice, hope, faith and trust in America. By contrast, most liberals have emerged embracing fear, restriction, government-dependency, and questioning America’s traditions.

Whether it is traditional schooling , policing practices, gender roles, racial harmony or past practices of respect, hard work, self-reliance and community-based responses, the line has been drawn. Most Americans believed short-term sacrifices in the Spring of 2020 would yield a return to normal life, political divisions notwithstanding. Yet, the summer of anarchy in many American cities with Antifa and BLM riots / violence protected by the Democratic Party officials at all federal levels plus a complicit media, tech and entertainment industry led to an even more divisive election predicated on mis- and disinformation.

The left has no desire to return to normal because most despise all that America was, from founding through today. Their desire to recast America is clear. The question is not if they will succeed, but how much time do we have to save the Republic. Once the Supreme Court is packed, election laws disenfranchise conservatives voters and candidates, and all institutions; public and corporate are woke, America as we knew it will be lost. Loss of free speech, restrictions on gun ownership and privacy violations will consolidate control.

At this point, we MUST return to our history for inspiration. The great leaders of our past can help us rekindle the light of the American Republic – long a beacon of hope , success and power; worldwide. Start by reading the Constitution, the writings of our founding and listening to past leaders. Consider our podcast below, filled with short, powerful speeches of American greatness for troubled times.

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