The Anti-Federalists feared a Biden Presidency

As the federal government dramatically expands it size, power and influence , we would be wise to return to the founding period and examine the concerns of the Anti-Federalists. The Anti-Federalists were opposed to federal power as they feared it would become corrupt and run by a small number of interests. Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson, notable Anti-Federalists, were in favor of power left at the state level and the rights of the individual protected. Their opposition to the Constitution embodied these fears and led to the creation and adoption of the Bill of Rights. As we witness violations of the Bill of Rights by our current Federal government, the parallels are striking.

The Federalists, including well known leaders such as James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, pushed for the creation of a central government that would govern the affairs of a new nation. Interestingly, the Federalists dominated the urban areas, industry, the media (newspapers) and wanted to create a government with restrained powers but no rights of individual citizens enshrined.

In 2021, the left has complete control on the nation’s urban areas, the media and ‘Big Tech’. Their growing influence over the nation’s public corporations is clear as most have bowed to the woke mob. Embrace of social justice issues and overt support for Democratic politicians and their policies, highlights the realities of the political-corporate alliance in the making.

Thus, the average American in the rural and suburban area faces a critical challenge. Do we allow the spread of institutional liberalism to saturate the entire country or do we demand the checks and balances designed by the Federalists, be enforced? The Federalists sough liberty but may have misjudged the will of central government to restrain itself through legal obligation based on a moral and just protection of the nation. The formerly- benign goals of liberals have been radicalized into a power grab that is no longer beholden to the people.

“I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them”.

Thomas Jefferson

The Federalists designed a system of checks and balance and a separation of powers in order to prevent tyranny. Their belief was that a wise balance of powers of power at the federal power would ensure the country would avoid morphing into another monarchy or an oligarchy. The influence groups controlling politics today present as an oligarchy, (a form of power structure in which power rests with a small number of people) with tyrannical tendencies on display in Washington recently.

By 1789, the fledgling U.S. government would marry the concerns of both entities as the adoption of the Bill of Rights ensured individual liberties would be protected in the Constitution by 1791 after the first ten were ratified by the states. Our goal should be to preserve the rights of the individual in a free society as rights disenfranchised, rarely return.

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