Competitor or Enemy?

american and chinese flags and usa dollars
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While we lose our freedoms and bankrupt our future; China builds cities, warships and trading allies. While we succumb to woke politics and revisionist history – canceling our past over allegations of imperialism and racism; China builds a future of domestic and international expansion. They are authoritarian, with strict government controls and an affinity (forced) for communism. Meanwhile, Democrats controlling Congress and the White House, work unilaterally to promote socialist and communist ideas disguised as democratic socialism. The mainstream media admits fairness and truth are not essential and fact checkers operate with bias and a disregard for facts under the masquerade of “taken out of context”.

Do you believe fairness is overrated?

Interestingly, most Americans know China is a negative force that floods our markets with inexpensive goods made in suspect conditions. Some Americans realize China is the biggest opponent the U.S. military and U.S. corporations face globally. Finally, a few Americans are aware that China has been ascendant through manipulation of currency and theft of intellectual property while America becomes weaker in every regard.

When liberal comedian Bill Maher notes how “silly” America is in pursuit of agenda items, while China rivals us on all fronts, you know how bad the situation is. The following video contains some profanity and s – words (socialist goals), yet highlights the distracted and unfocused state of America.

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