The Red Line for Red Voters

May we propose two dates to serve as a guidelines for reopening America to traditional, liberty-loving daily life. While many readers may reside in states wherein normalcy has almost been achieved for some time, most American citizens still navigate covid restrictions in some form. Can we afford to enter the summer in yet another framework of restrictions, whether that is summer travel, gatherings, shopping or entertainment? Do we really need masks at a theme park, airplane or sporting event? Are vaccination passports going to preserve privacy and allow for choice in health decisions. Will we continue to comply with illogical mandates that impede our freedoms?

People Vaccinated in U.S.
93,631,163 At Least One Dose = 28.2% of total population
51,593,564 Fully Vaccinated = 15.5% of total population

Of the Population ≥ 65 Years of Age (a.k.a. the vulnerable)
39,588,144 – 1 dose = 72.4% of population
26,474,132 -fully vaccinated = 48.4% of population
Source: Data as of: Mar 28 2021 6:00am ET | Posted: Mar 28 2021 12:26PM ET

As vaccinations will be AVAILABLE to all by summer and all vulnerable groups will have had the CHOICE to obtain shots, there is no common sense reasoning for continued restrictions on Americans. Therefore we propose a nationwide celebration of Patriots’ Day to prepare for our independence from statewide and national mandates that limit the rights of Americans. Here in New England, we honor the Revolutionary actions of militiamen who challenged the British regulars on April 19, 1775. British aims of seizing guns and ammunition from local colonial militia stores in Concord set the war in motion as the “shot heard round the word” reverberated from Lexington.

4/19 – Patriots Day is a great day to reclaim the rights our forefathers fought for in creating a nation with unparalleled liberty. Unfortunately, that liberty is under direct, daily assault by the left using their powers of institutional liberalism. We will then have over two months to spread the word, make our voices heard and be prepared for national solidarity opposed to all restrictions beginning on the 4th of July – Independence Day.

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