The American Republic Under Siege: Special Series, Part 3

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“I don’t need to wait another minute, let alone an hour, to take common sense steps that will save lives in the future.”
-President Joe Biden, this week on gun control. Did he ask for your input?

Welcome to America: An Early Socialist Republic

Whether it is masks, guns or censorship; the makings of the ‘new republic’ are evident. The Democratic Party, with federal control will forever proclaim America to be a democratic republic; but will that be in name only?

Decide for yourself:

Will personal freedoms such as right to own and use firearms be restricted nationally?

Will censorship impact free speech?

Will public gatherings be restricted or disallowed?

Will elections be fair with multiple parties / candidates competing through honestly tabulated processes?

Will a government-aligned media control the nation message, news and commentary?

Will dissenters be labeled as terrorists, monitored and jailed?

Will a federal government impact daily life decisions and regulate travel and free commerce?

Is this already happening as events over the last year become increasingly relevant? Now realize that the countries below fashion themselves as democratic, but restrict do all of the above.

North Korea calls itself the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea while it is neither democratic nor a republic but an authoritarian regime of communism.

Venezuela calls itself a federal presidential republic while it is an authoritarian, socialist state.

China calls itself People’s Republic of China while it is a communist country with partial capitalist economy.

Laos calls itself Lao People’s Democratic Republic  while it is a one-party socialist state.

Cuba calls itself the Republic of Cuba but is a communist state.

The risk of losing hundreds of thousands of lives impacted 330 million American citizens over the last year. The risk of future virus strains and epidemics will surely “necessitate” familiar restrictions. Gun control will be enacted one way or another by a “Democratic” Party concerned that it is “common sense” to save a few lives. However, these unconstitutional, new laws or executive orders will adversely impact hundreds of millions of citizens without their consent.

We live in an age where all children get a participation trophy and (almost) all residents, citizens or not, felons or not, get a government check. Do do we expect that a government made up of the of the few, to act on behalf of the many?

Surely not. The esteemed British philosopher, Jeremy Bentham, once discussed his theory of utilitarianism, in which, “the greatest good for the greatest number” should be the driving force in government. In American politics, this premise has given way to ‘the good of the few outweighs the rights of the many.’

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