The American Republic Under Siege: Special Series, Part 2

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Physical Security in America

Energy in government is essential to that security against external and internal danger and to that prompt and salutary execution of the laws which enter into the very definition of good government.

James Madison Federalist #37, 1788

The Federalist Papers, in print or digital edition available to purchase using the link below.

Therefore, what is the status of safety and security in the American Republic? Americans have experienced less freedom of movement and assembly than at any point save World War Two. Covid-restrictions at the state level and recent travel restrictions under Biden, limit free movement. Violence in our cities is particular heightened, with violent crime of all types perpetrated with little fear of punishment or justice under the law.

Chicago alone had 769 murders in 2020 while under heavy lockdown, compared to 495 in 2019 and 116 so far this year. Meanwhile, riots and vandalism plague cities like Portland, Oregon, under the guise of BLM and Antifa banners. Moreover, thousands of illegal aliens are released into American communities and plans to increase refugee admissions is nearing reality.

But does it impact daily life for average citizens? Americans cannot go grocery shopping without fearing attack. Whether accosted for not wearing a mask, trapped by BLM activists (, or under fire by mentally ill or terror-minded individuals (ongoing investigation) in the Boulder incident this week, true security is suspect.

As our borders are assaulted by migrants emboldened by a President unwilling to hold the line on illegal entry and the legal process, American border communities are besieged. Plans by the Biden Administration to release immigrants into Northern U.S. communities will make the tension national. Amid the true emergency impacting the security of the nation’s borders, virtually all top Democrats, their media mouthpieces and various celebrities clamor for gun control to make the nation safer.

Gun control clearly impacts only the law-abiding citizen, not the illegal, not the criminal and not the terrorist. Making America safer should be the goal and enforcing existing gun laws should be the priority. In addition, examining the true mental health crisis in America and addressing overmedication and lack of institutional help (future article? ) is in order.

As for policy proposals, background checks have been passed by almost all of the mass shooters in the last decade. Tightening up the process may be in order, but attempting to ban whole classes of weapons is not common sense. Assault weapons, are not actually in possession by civilians contrary to declarations by the left as fully automatic weapons are a necessity for battle and legally unavailable to the average American. Above all, new gun control laws would be anther violation of the Second Amendment. (Our 2nd Amendment article is almost done).

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

2nd Amendment, U.S. Constitution

Finally, our military is growing unable to meet the FUTURE challenges of our enemies. Federal spending is planned on new initiatives except bolstering U.S. military technology. Military readiness is likely to suffer under morale issues and a focus on social justice with in the ranks. In addition, weakened physical standards, loosened uniform and appearance guidelines and training on bias, harassments and equity issues occurs instead of traditional training.

Our military is shifting to the left. Even top brass now use their official position to weigh in on politics, a clear violation of the Hatch Act. Our all-volunteer military is still the best in the world, but for how long?

Tomorrow, we look at the overall attempt to radically transform America. Can the Republic survive? Don’t miss an article. Subscribe below.

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