Political Poker : America hold ’em

king jack and queen of spades playing cards
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America has been dealt a bad hand. The Democratic bluff worked for the first round as Joe Biden now resides in the White House. As we all know, Biden’s physical and mental state demonstrate his inability to govern and lead. This was the candidate who barely campaigned, who made sheltering in his home while criticizing the active- Donald Trump, the mainstay of his plan. During the campaign through today, Biden has never been pressed by the media on his positions or actions and is not held to account. Internationally, we are viewed as equals by our allies and weak by our enemies unlike in years past when we led our allies and were feared by our enemies.

As we have analyzed recently, our southern border is the true national emergency, our country is no longer truly free and open for business. Moreover, our federal government is on a spending spree and a radical, legislative journey to transform America. History and culture is being replaced at a fever pace and our institutions are being socially re-engineered.

“I become irritated at the attempt to govern mankind by force and fraud, as if they were all knaves and fools.”

Thomas Paine, Common Sense
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The cards have been dealt:

Nancy Pelosi took office as Speaker of the House in 2019 and Joe Biden became President this year. After the “flop”, the Democrats hold five cards:

K – Q – J – J – A

King – Barack Obama is likely wielding tremendous influence as much of the Biden Administration is made up former Obama staffers, appointees and influencers. Essentially, this a third Obama term.

Queen- Kamala Harris, is likely the major policy director in this administration and with many international duties of the president already assumed, is President-in waiting).

Jacks (knaves) – Chuck Schumer – the devious mastermind of Senate policy and the plan to upend Senate tradition and create further legislative wins for the left. Expect voting reform, gun control, tax increases and expansive federal spending.

Nancy Pelosi – A jack in power, but less cunning than Schumer, Pelosi’s influence and partisan ire has been palpable for years and is no surprise. A legislative obstacle for Donald Trump in the second half of his term, she occasionally surprises, for example, by ripping up the State of the Union speech or by indulging in a lavish lifestyle while her constituents languish under lockdown. Contrary to popular belief, the House doesn’t always win. Republicans can win back the House next year and change the course of the country.

Together, with Kamala Harris as the Senate, tie-breaker, they currently control the legislative agenda in America.

Ace- The Media. Without the media, Biden would not have been elected and Donald Trump would have stayed in office. The media similarly misrepresented Congressional races and used disinformation to prolong the coronavirus panic and thus alter the course of the 2020 elections. Today, they do not report on the true problems and contribute to the cancel culture. They are the most important institution in American and the one Americans need to replace, reform or remove from relevancy.

I know many readers may have been hoping for Donald Trump to be labeled as the Ace, ready for a comeback in 2024. While that may be the case, his influence as a Republican kingmaker is guaranteed and his impending social media platform intriguing. Nevertheless, it is the American people, united in message, armed with information and mobilized for political action that are required to hold the line and preserve the Republic.

Joker- Clearly, Joe Biden. Have a great day.

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