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While the U.S. – Mexican border is besieged by illegal immigrants and Democrats are in the midst of a liberal legislative assault on America, threats abroad go largely unnoticed. Today, we check in on some of the global powder kegs.

U.S. Southern Command chief Navy Admiral Craig Faller said China and transnational criminal organizations are “the two biggest threats” that U.S. forces in the SOUTHCOM, or United States Southern Command, area face. “China is the greatest long-term strategic threat to the security in the 21st century, the Chinese Communist Party’s insidious, and corrosive and corrupt influences at work globally and in this region,” Faller said in a news conference. Source-U.S. Naval Institute News

Mexico is the site of America’s most visible threat as the number of migrants illegally crossing the border has reached epic proportions. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency said the number is reaching a twenty year high with the “number of unaccompanied children increasing 63% last month” as documented by the Wall Street Journal. Concerns over detainment centers, pathways to citizenship, covid-positive immigrants flooding into the Southwest add to drains on already-strained U.S. economic growth and aid programs. Worth noting is that in addition to the high number of Central American migrants flooding the border, some Middle Eastern and Asian individuals have been caught. Interestingly, 11 Iranians were intercepted recently at the U.S. – Mexican border.

Iran is on track to develop nuclear weapons in the foreseeable future and has developed new ties with China and Venezuela. Oil sales to the Communist and Socialist states are cementing a relationship based upon mutual interests and countering U.S. and European power. The Iranian government (regime) has spurned calls by the Biden Administration to resume nuclear talks, indicting their desire to continue on development of weapons programs under the guise of civilian energy program nearing completion. This oil-rich nation has been busy building an underground “missile city” of cruise missiles and rockets, has ramped up rocket attacks on U.S. allies regionally and still stands as the leading state sponsor of terror.

Almost unnoticed in the news recently was a warning by Iranian militia groups that they have active cells in Washington, D.C. and other major U.S. cities- ready for retaliation for recent Biden-directed air / drone strikes in Syria. Source: The Epoch Times

China is the single greatest threat to America on the international front at present and in the coming decades. As China’s economic and military growth rivals that of America’s, competition for markets will be even more stressed. China has expanded its reach into Africa and Latin America, pushing it’s vaccines, 5g network, consumer products, technology services and automobiles. In East Asia, China’s rapid, high-tech military growth and assertion of authority over Taiwan and other disputed islands has contributed to heightened defensiveness within the U.S. Military. Recently, Philip Davidson, head of Indo-Pacific command, warned,

The military balance in the Indo-Pacific is becoming more unfavorable for the United States and our allies,” Davidson said. “With this imbalance, we are accumulating risk that may embolden China to unilaterally change the status quo before our forces may be able to deliver an effective response.”-Fox News

The military threat was also examined in our previous articles, linked below.

Russia (developing story) is also challenging the Biden Administration after Biden’s comment affirming his belief that Putin was a “killer”. The Russian President has responded in kind and also invited the U.S. President, (obviously, Kamala Harris, according to Biden this week) to an in-person meeting to discuss wide-ranging issues. A meeting is unlikely to be accepted by Biden.

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