America Transformed! The Top Ten Actions of the Left:

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In no particular order, these are ten of the most radical transformational shifts in America today. Most are realities, some are short-term goals. All will alter the American Republic we have cherished.

  1. Senate Democrats and now Biden aim to weaken or remove the filibuster; the tool of the minority to create deliberation and avoid rapid, massive changes.
  2. Illegal border crossings are approaching a two-decade high and children in cages is a reality under another Democrat.
  3. Democrats are planning high end and corporate tax increases with more to follow.
  4. Currently circulating legislation will strip America of gun rights, weaken election security and voting processes and codify LGTBQ protections further at the federal level.
  5. Corporate censorship, de facto banning of books, figures, symbols and personalities is at a fever pace.
  6. U.S. debt and deficit spending is at unsustainable levels causing price inflation and a larger, federal government unable to pay for increased expenditures.
  7. Covid restrictions, including masks, school and business closures are dividing a weary nation that has sacrificed far too much over the last year for the supposed ‘public good’.
  8. Vaccinations have almost eliminated a national threat to the elderly. The epidemic is over but top Democrats look to prolong a crisis for political gain and justification for further spending.
  9. American culture, education, policing and society is being recast using the false narrative of systemic racism.
  10. The mainstream (our term) or legacy (their term) media operates with impunity, with extreme bias and an intentional distortion of facts to present “news”.

Our response should be to exercise our constitutional freedoms while the opportunity exists. Although time-consuming, contacting legislators and businesses is crucial to affecting policy. Voting, while seemingly inconsequential at times, is vital to changing leadership at all levels. Free speech and gatherings are regulated in some arenas, but necessary to spread the word and serve as show of unity.

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Further hope is evidenced by actions of state-level leaders discussed in yesterday’s article:

States’ Rights and the Right States

Physical movement of Americans to “free states” is also a positive sign.

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