Cancel the Left!

As the cancel culture gains strength, ordinary Americans are the victims. It is time to cancel the left. Boycotts, alternative platforms and the assertion of free speech are crucial.

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The list below contains companies and organizations that have bowed to the left in recent weeks with campaigns, “cancellations” and / or corroboration with the woke leftists attempting to recast American culture and ideals.

Leftist supporters to cancel:

CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, ABC, NPR, NYT, Amazon, Disney,Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Apple, Google, Wikipedia, Nike, Under Armour, Coca-Cola, NFL, NBA and dozens of others should be cancelled, boycotted and exposed.

This list is missing dozens that I hope you will SUBMIT by posting a comment below. By next week, we will post a list of alternatives so we can have an action plan going forward. Please subscribe with your e-mail for safe, spam-free article updates.

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4 Replies to “Cancel the Left!”

  1. Mr. Deplorable – Constitutional American Patriot🇺🇸 Host for Deplorable Radio Podcast First Responder Christian ✝️
    Ron says:

    Uber definitely is one. Can’t help but to see their virtue signaling signs everywhere and don’t forget Pepsi owns multiple large companies and franchises under their name. Time to start making our own stuff.

    1. SamAdams1776 says:

      We are not in an Uber-area so that one is new to me. Thanks! With Pepsi, there is no surprise. Appreciate the feedback.


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