Cell Phone Restrictions!

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Later this year, Congress will pass legislation to be quickly signed by President Biden. Your cell phone model, serial or EIN number and full telephone number will be entered into a federal database. The same will happen for all family members including iPads, wearables and all devices using cellular data. This information will be publicly accessible to your neighbors, criminals and Nigerian princes. Phones must be disconnected from Wi-Fi and cellular data when not in your immediate possession or while sleeping. Children will have to be 16 before new lines are established and a monthly privacy checkup by a third party is required to keep the account active. The privacy checkup will include cognitive tests and questions on your emotional state. 5g- capable of phones will be banned as they are too powerful and the inequity of internet connectivity-too great.

Sorry, I meant your firearms – not your cell phones. Imagine a federal gun registry, required tests and hurdles to purchase. Limits on what can be purchased, how often and number of bullets. Requirements on storage, liability for usage, required insurance coverage proposed. Mandatory training, family reporting and public notification of your private possessions stipulated. 18 -20 year old citizens unable to purchase firearms, whether for hunting, self-defense or sport. Is the possibility of all this that remote?

The liberal wish list will grow as some measures are enacted through legislation and / or executive order.

This country was ‘born’ on April 19th 1775 in Lexington, Massachusetts. Local minutemen, gathered on the village green with assorted weapons and mixed abilities, but a common interest: American liberty. The British redcoats were marching to Concord, a militia gunpowder and weapons storage site. Revolutionary voices like John Hancock and Samuel Adams were targeted for arrest. The goal was to disarm the citizens and the American colonists stood their ground against a better trained and numerically superior force. The liberal media and Democrat-controlled Congress / White House have aspirations of far-reaching gun control. Will elected Republicans mount the defense? The alternatives are less appealing.

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