A New Political Party?

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Is it a good idea to form or promote a third party? The Democrat and Republican parties have dominated politics since before the Civil War. The Democratic party started in 1828 and has dominated much of the political debate since. Founded by Andrew Jackson (who Dems are trying to erase in 2021) and Martin Van Buren (ranked below average by historians), the party has taken a dramatic shift to the left since 2012. Barack Obama’s first term was liberal but his second term turned radical. Joe Biden’s movements through executive orders and a national call for changes are extraordinarily liberal. The Republican Party, founded in 1854, is rooted in anti-slavery and market-oriented causes.

Fast forward to 2021 and the Green, Libertarian and Patriot Parties are all gaining interest. A quick examination of 1992 will yield a lot of cautious wisdom.

1992 Election Results

WinnerPolitical CharacteristicCandidatePartyElectoral VotesPopular Votes
moderateWilliam J. ClintonDemocratic37044,909,889
moderate George Bush (I)Republican16839,104,545
reformerRoss PerotIndependent019,742,267

Note how Ross Perot, Texas billionaire, garnered heavy support on Election Day. It is clear that most Perot supporters were Republican-minded and would have likely voted for Bush if Perot was not on the ballot. The desire for change in the two-party system was clear and ushered in the Clinton era, indirectly.

Similarly, in 1912 we saw “third parties” change the outcome of the election as the celebrity-hero Theodore Roosevelt returned to the Presidential arena after 4 years in retirement (hunting). Roosevelt’s support derived largely from Taft voters while the radical, socialist Debs took some votes from Wilson. Still, Woodrow Wilson handily won the election and Democratic Party prevailed.


Since Democrats have been expanding their voter base, particularly in suburban areas, it is unlikely a major third party push will emerge on the liberal side. A large number of Trump voters, unhappy with the election results and the Republican Party’s actions, have urged support for a new, Patriot Party. While the goals are admirable and the frustration well-founded; the results in 2024 could repeat history when Democrats were handed the election. Unity within the Republican Party, while hard to swallow, is necessary if the common enemy is the liberal – leftist -progressive agenda of the Democratic Party!

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