5 Trends Happening Behind the News Headlines

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The U.S. housing and construction boom continues as more people relocate to the suburbs. City politics, restrictions, taxes and population density has continued the exodus out of U.S. cities. Purchases of vacation homes and vacant land in rural areas is similarly popular. Clearly, Americans are fearful of future events and restrictions on free movement and value space. This trend was common in the 1920s and 1950s as families sought a better place to live and raise a family.

The trend out of blue states like New York and California to traditionally red states like Georgia, North Carolina and Texas is altering both statewide politics statewide and national elections. Electoral College and U.S. House representation are set to shift as states like NY will cede clout to the likes of Florida. Political analysis points to these ‘purple’ states becoming more Democratic as Republican voters are overshadowed by demographic changes.

Americans are less religious with organized religion on the decline nationally. The values and respect fostered in organized religious settings has been a hallmark of the American character. This is likely to continue to degrade as younger Americans are exposed to less structure and inspiration. Strikingly, a lot of Christian denominations are trending socially liberal with a strong embrace of social justice issues and the goal of increasing membership at the expense of tradition. An increasing number of millennials shun organized religion but embrace notions of spirituality.

On the financial front, a lot of interest in the stock market and abysmal savings rates have encouraged an artificially high stock market. While some sectors have thrived during the covid-era, other have languished and would ordinarily be facing bankruptcy, if not for government loans and surprisingly resilient stock support. Fold in the deficit spending and excessive borrowing of many state governments and the irresponsible spending habits of the U.S. Government, and we may have a recipe for economic trouble.

U.S. history and free speech are assaulted daily, but the institutionalized change to language and terminology is concerning. First, the U.S. House removed gender language in House Rules. Recently, many schools have demanded teachers no longer physically or verbally separate ‘boys’ and ‘girls’. Now, the C.D.C. is banning immigration terms as follows:

current term:future term:
illegal alienundocumented non citizen or
undocumented individual
assimilationintegration or civic integration
green card applicantscustomers
*conservatives*the enemy
*just kidding source: Breitbart News

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