Open and Closed: This is America

It’s our choice, not theirs!

It has been almost a year since panic took over the U.S. in response to the covid pandemic, then in the making. We now see a striking difference in what is open and what is closed in America, “land of the free and the home of the brave“.

OUR MOUTHS: Conservatives have been silenced as the First Amendment is under daily assault by a media force with unprecedented power and influence. Whether it is Hollywood or professional sports, any conservative voice is silenced or cancelled. Each day, history is erased from curriculum, our parks and our monuments, while brave politicians and activists are labeled as un-American, against science, etc.. if they speak out. Ironically, only half the voices in America are silenced as liberal voices and radical ‘progressives’ can speak or malign with impunity.

Our nation is in the grips of systemic liberalism and dissent is not tolerated. Big Tech is on their side and many question the existence of freedom of speech and the notion of free press.


In many states and communities, schools are empty, as remote learning a become the new means of silencing effective learning. Students and parents rarely have a voice or a choice in school policy and decisions on reopening plans or the effectiveness of current models. Businesses still endure curfews, mask mandates, limits on customers and compliance mandates or risk delicensing, fines, loss of grant funding or shutdown. Yet, BLM activists, ANTIFA and leftist activists can freely congregate, loot and riot with seemingly no rebuke from Democrats or establishment media outlets. Planes and airports are almost full, yet our museums and libraries and centers of learning and commerce are not.

Does America truly have Freedom of Assembly?


Since Mr. Biden took office, our borders are again in the spotlight. Travel to Canada is restricted, yet our border with Mexico is reopening to illegal immigrants and increased numbers of refugees. Biden has announced plans to allow up to 125,000 refugees per year and has stopped all border wall construction. According to, former acting ICE Director Tom Homan recently told Fox News:

“The surge is already there,” Homan said. “Now, you mentioned those numbers, but the truth is, it’s almost 4,000 crossings a day because Border Patrol isn’t adding [the ones who got away]. So there’s a way they count footprints in the sand and vehicle stop. So it’s about 4,000 a day. Now, you times that by a month, that’s 120,000 month, which is 1.4 million a year.

Clearly, priorities have been set to keep American citizens restricted while they enable illegal immigration and create new opportunities for refugees and illegal residents to become citizens. They will be able to vote, voice concerns, educate their children and engage in commerce. Of course, doing so will have to be in line with liberal ideology and Democratic policies!



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