Top Gun Control Plans in the Works!

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  1. Assault Weapons Ban. Not common sense as AR-15 and similar rifles are not “assault rifles”, but ArmaLite rifles. Even liberal NPR notes the difference. Primarily, due to the semi-automatic operation of all consumer weapons and their unsuitability for modern warfare, they are NOT assault-worthy.

2. Ban on extended magazines. Some states allow for 10 or less rounds while others have no limit. The 30-round magazine commonly purchased for many modern rifles are a prime target for limitation.

3. Background checks. Universal, federal checks without private transactions are desired.

4. National gun registry with tracking of purchases and sales in a federal database is a goal.

5. Limit on the number of guns and ammunition purchased at one time and monthly will be sought.

6. Liability for gun manufacturers when their products are used in murders

All of these goals are subject to constitutional authority and oversight by the U.S. Supreme Court which will likely rule to protect 2nd amendment rights if legal challenges work through the system. The House can easily pass gun control through its majority while the tied Senate would need generally pro-gun Senators like Joe Manchin of W. Virginia to reverse his stated opposition to such legislation. Although possible, the hurdle of a Senate filibuster (still intact) serves as another impediment.

The Realities: Expect actions through executive order that use the FBI, ATF and government agencies to slowly infringe on the rights of citizens to use and own firearms.  Federal taxes  and restrictions on NICS checks, ammunition  sales and FFL registrations are likely.  The continued assault will spread through verbal means as Biden said this weekend with goals to enact “common sense” reforms to  “make our communities safer”.  Expect the message to saturate the media, Hollywood, television, etc.. while various states expand gun restrictions.

In concert, they will build a coalition much like the prohibition and anti-slavery movements.  After enough states are gun restrictive and the message appears universal, the Congressional bills will ultimately pass. It may not be in the next two years, but certainly in this decade.

If the Supreme Court fails to respond by protecting the Constitution or the Court itself is packed, America’s second civil conflict may be on the horizon.

330 million = U.S. population 393,347,000 = # of estimated guns in U.S.

Watch for our special post on the 2nd Amendment, the militia and gun control.

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  1. glennkuyk
    glenn marion kuykendall says:

    This Administration is Anti~Constitutional and Anti~American ! More than half of the voting population do not agree with the Joe Biden’s agenda ! We refuse to have our Constitutional rights infringed upon !!!


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