Tracking their movement.

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How quickly so many people agree to give up their freedoms. Granted, they are motivated by millions of dollars in salary and benefits, but the Major League Baseball Players’ Association agreed to significant restrictions on Spring Training and season travel. They will be limited in what they can do outside of stadium and training facilities and shockingly, the players agreed to wear electronic tracking bracelets.

‘Every covered Individual must wear a Kinexon contact tracing device at all times while in club facilities and during club directed travel and while engaged in team activities, including group workouts and practices.’

While this is in the name of contact tracing for covid, the implications are clear. Individual freedom is subservient to group health. Will the bracelets be required for 24/7 use during the following season to ensure they are not in dangerous locations or engaged in activities that may injure themselves or others?.

Much like the slippery slope mask -wearing has paved, when and how do we remove restrictions across the nation? Floridians have a strong leader in Governor Desantis as do other Republican-led states, but most states are still demanding compliance with restrictions.

Much of America’s public schools are only partially opened with sub-par hybrid learning in use with no plans to FULLY reopen and return all students to full, in-school learning. Many teachers signal they will not return to school full-time without vaccinations and unions obstruct reopening. Most public health officials plan for long-term, multi-layer masking and spread gloomy forecasts of new virus strains.

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We cannot allow our elected officials to govern authoritatively. Governors must work with State Legislatures and the President with Congress. State and Federal courts must objectively interpret laws and action against state and federal constitutional provisions. But, it is our job to hold them accountable by voting, spreading truth, demanding honest, fair elections and unbiased news. Otherwise, the Republic is lost.

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