Are you a Child of Liberty?

New Sons and Daughters of Liberty needed!

According to, the Sons of Liberty were unafraid to challenge the injustices of the crown and loyalists officials in the American colonies. They were peaceful at times, forceful and illegal at others. They met secretly using special codes and symbols. They famously protested the Tea Act, but also used threats to intimate British officials. They routed out tax collectors using intimidation and symbolically burned effigies on the local ‘Liberty Tree’ to send powerful messages that tyranny and its methods of taxation and occupation were unwelcome. The act of tarring and feathering was used but more effective was the written word. New groups were created in the colonies to organize socially and ultimately send delegates to organized legislative bodies.

  • Original ‘Sons’ famously included Samuel Adams, Joseph Warren, John Hancock, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, James Otis and Benedict Arnold.
  • Original ‘Daughters’ included Martha Washington, Sarah Bradlee Fulton, Esther Reed, Abigail Adams and Sibyl Ludington 

This blog advocates peaceful means of lobbying and protest. Please note that the Sons and Daughters of Liberty contributed to the onset of the Revolutionary War and resulting deaths. Liberty can still be preserved non-violently. 

Daughters of Liberty were known for giant spinning bees to make cloth goods instead of importing from England and paying the related taxes. Other boycotts were orchestrated by these daughters of liberty such as on tea and gentlemen callers who were loyalists. Once the war began, they helped mold lead into musket balls , cared for the injured and mended uniforms. Their ability to gather other women to the cause and socially spread the message of liberty was crucial to the cause.

New sons and daughters of liberty should be peaceful yet persistent. Firm in resolve yet adaptable to the platform, environment and opposition. Many platforms; physical and digital exist for the exercise of freedom and the quest to preserve the rights currently enshrined on the Constitution.

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