You are a considered a radical!

Most conservatives are considered radical and labeled as such by mainstream news as well as Democratic politicians and voters. They want schools opened for children to learn (without bias), businesses to decide when and how to open and the freedom to gather socially and religiously. They may resist science-based mandates or challenge notions of rampant white supremacy. The may express support for time-honored traditions of gun ownership, hunting and traditional masculinity and femininity. For their beliefs, they are censored on social media and see their conservative, elected officials harassed daily in the news and even put on trial for non-conformance.

Free speech is restricted by Big Tech and woke corporatists are now pushing BLM, systemic racism and LGBTQ+ every other created identity category on all fronts. What was once a select few social justice warriors on college campuses and liberal news outlets has morphed into transformation mode through American society. From the Super Bowl to the mostly closed schools, billboards to television and movies; woke liberal messages and demands are widespread.

In order for conservatives to successfully retain the traditions, values and history of the country, we have to amplify our voice. We allow our businesses and schools to be limited in operation, our borders closed to travel but open to refugees and illegal immigrants. We need to contact elected officials, Democrat and Republican as they work for US!

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Rewind to the days before America’s creation. Colonists grumbled about new taxes on sugar, tea and written materials. Technically, they were more opposed to being denied a say about such things in Parliament. King George III was appalled that colonists would defy the crown as they met secretively, botcotted taxed goods and protested in writing. These new patriots were labeled as terrorists and radicals, much like the 74 million plus voters who feel their voice is being denied, their options limited and their words curtailed. They move to Telegram and Signal, Parler and Rumble, seek news from alternative outlets and plan to arm themselves with knowledge and tools against infringement on their liberties and the growth of tyrannical rule.

On the night of December 16, 1773, over 60 colonists converged at Griffin’s Wharf in Boston, dressed in Indian attire. As you may recall from school, they boarded three ships and dumped chests of tea into the harbor. They had enough of taxes by a government not aligned with their welfare and sentiment.

To be fair, England’s monarchy had given in to most of the Townshend Act (1767) protests but soon levied the Tea Act in 1773. The King expected a certain level of compliance but the quest for true freedom overshadowed their previous loyalties to the government. The Sons of Liberty, considered “radical” by other historians, was led by prominent figures such as Sam Adams.

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Samuel Adams, helped organize protests against the Intolerable Acts, the English punishment for the Boston Tea Party. New limitations including quartering British troops in private homes, triggered the formation of the Continental Congress and the Revolution.

We must relish the title of radical as it compares to the American patriots who helped create our nation. Radical change is being ushered in by leftists and self-titled progressives. These changes are fast becoming the norm and the traditional, previous views as archaic or radical. Let’s draw inspiration from our forefathers and become Sons and Daughters of Liberty once again! Come back tomorrow to find out how.

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