2020: American Tipping Point, part 4

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Today starts Black History Month. Heroes like Jackie Robinson and Rosa Parks should be celebrated for their honorable and peaceful pursuit of equal opportunity. The courage of so many to face what were genuine obstacles historically has been twisted to debase the freedoms and opportunities afforded to all American citizens.

Today, the media, big tech and the Democratic Party are pushing ‘racial equity’ based on the false narratives of MODERN systemic racism and institutional discrimination. Recent executive orders by President Biden illustrate a dependency on racial disunity and identity-politics.

The myth of systemic racism has been peddled to Americans to help justify the violence, looting, affirmative action policies and racial sensationalism. This is the basis for policies designed to keep all people, including black Americans, subservient to a government that taxes them, doles out benefits and asks for their vote in return.  The time -honored tradition of discrimination, both de jure (of law) and de facto (in fact) is clearly a Democratic Party- creation.

It was the Democrats in the South that perpetuated slavery and formed the Confederacy.  It was the same party that created the Jim Crow Laws, a.k.a. Black codes in the South and the same party that filled the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan.  Into the 1960’s, it was the Democratic Party that obstructed passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. 

Fortunately, racial healing was largely accomplished by the 1990s and finally confirmed with the election of black President in 2008.  Unfortunately, it was that same President who sowed racial discord and created the modern illusion of rampant police brutality, systemic racism and widespread racial tension. Using events such as Trayvon Martin and Ferguson, Missouri; Barack Obama created the very racial tension he was elected to bury.

Recent violent protests, looting , vandalism, attacks on the police, businesses and homeowners has gone largely uncovered or challenged by a left-leaning media and state / local governments controlled by Democrats. American schools are partially open, businesses in various stages of operability.  Social degeneration, woke politics and violence is unchecked in our cities. The illusion of systemic racism, the spread of woke politics and the cancel culture grows. Identity-politics, media bias and lack of accountability are spreading like wildfires as a loss of respect for our flag and institutions have turned our attention away from true threats.  Global military and economic threats such as China, rapidly unbalanced budgets and national debt, weakened educational opportunities / outcomes and above all, FEAR, have gripped this nation.

America is at a crossroads.  2020 was the turning point in American history that may prove to be the beginning of the demise of the American experience that has been hallowed in modern history. Continue to follow this weekly series and subscribe for updates on new throughout the week.

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