How they will control future elections.

New voting reforms proposed in Congress:

The Democrat plan:

“U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and U.S. Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., today introduced new legislation to fight voter suppression by ensuring every American voter has the option to vote at home. The Oregon lawmakers introduced the Vote at Home Act, new legislation to massively expand vote-at-home ballot access, provide voters with pre-paid ballot envelopes and enact automatic voter registration.” (

The Republic 1776 Analysis:

-Everyone is registered to vote automatically at the D.M.V. (illegal immigrants too?)

-Everyone gets ballots automatically by mail (can anyone mail anyone’s ballot back in?)

-No accountability, but no lines

The Republican plan:

Save Democracy Act introduced by Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Banks (IN-03).

Voter Registration:

·         Prohibits automatic voter registration for federal elections.

·         Requires voter citizenship verification to register to vote in federal elections.

·         Requires full Social Security Numbers (SSN) to register to vote in federal elections. 

·         Requires federal courts to notify state election officials when an individual is excused from jury duty because they are not a citizen.  

Casting of Ballots:

·         Prohibit states from sending out unrequested absentee ballots for federal elections.

·         Bars anyone other than the voter, an election official, or the post office from submitting a ballot to a polling location during federal elections.

·         Prohibits use of public ballot collection boxes in federal elections.

·         Requires that absentee ballots be received by the close of election day for federal elections.

·         Requires a voter to provide proof of I.D. for absentee voting and in-person voting in federal elections, creating equal treatment for all ballots.

·         Requires voters to produce a matching SSN printed on their ballot in federal elections. Additionally, requires election officials to cross-check the SSN on a ballot with the voter’s registration and submit such data to Congress. 

·         Maintains current protections for military and overseas voters.  

Tabulation of Ballots:

·         Requires that at least two representatives of each Presidential campaign in a general election be permitted to observe polls and vote counting operations.

·         Requires that ballot counting, once begun, continue until completed—no delays or pauses.

·         Requires the audit of ballot tabulation systems within the 30-day period following a federal election. (”

The Republic 1776 Analysis:

-audit system may slow election decisions

-will limit fraudulent voting

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