China Is Building More Than Just Cheap Toys!

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One of the most overlooked threats the United States faces both domestically and internationally, is that of China. Chinese economic challenges in the form of industrial / corporate espionage with the theft of intellectual property have emerged as a direct threat to the U.S. economy and as we will see, our military as well.

A trip to most stores yields a basket of products sold in America with Made in- China (P.R.C., Peoples Republic of China) labels. Most Americans shrug it off saying, “well everything’s made in China.” Unfortunately, extremely low wages and poor worker safety results in cheap exports that are typically cheap in quality as well. The Communist Chinese government has also engaged in the devaluation of the yuan, their currency, allowing Chinese products to flood us markets with prices significantly lower than U.S. competitors’. While the Trump administration successfully challenged some Chinese military and corporate actions, it is the growing military threat that will likely shape the remainder of the century.

Until recently, the U.S. Navy has held both numerical and technical superiority over China. With new vessel construction, particularly aircraft carriers and submarines as well as anti-ship missiles; China’s naval abilities are rapidly advancing.

The Chinese Navy (PLAN) has two aircraft carriers; Liaoning and Shandong with a third to be launched THIS YEAR and commissioned within two years. While this appears minor compared to America’s 11 carriers, new carrier strike aircraft and anti-ship missiles can change the balance. Moreover, the U.S. Navy typically only operates 1 – 2 carriers in the region at a time. The U.S. Navy does have 11 operational aircraft carriers with the USS Gerald Ford to be commissioned next year. The difference again is that the U.S, Navy has to cover the entire world and not just the Western Pacific Ocean.

Join us as we explore China’s threat in the coming weeks!

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