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Since we do not have the wisdom of President Reagan to guide us, where can we turn for news.

The following are my go to news sources that I read online, through their sites or email newsletters. Some have subscription plans for full content. I have no paid endorsement from any -unfortunately: ( a lot of reliable conservative content) (pretty good political / national news) (called “far right” but a lot of up to date global news, especially on the reality of China) ( a lot of people have turned on Fox News but it is the only remaining major network that is still right-leaning.) (Ben Shapiro’s growing resource of conservative news and media) (The Wall Street Journal is still the best financial news site available although its content has become more left-leaning in the last year or two. (oldest continuously published paper, Alexander Hamilton created in 1801, good N.Y. and National News) (JUST KIDDING! – absolute propaganda, unreliable – although good to see the other side daily)

I will add to this at a later date with social media connections as well.

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  1. zeffan
    zeffan says:

    How about NTD News? It’s refreshingly devoid of drama. Harkens back to the days of bland, monotoned news anchors. I love it. Watch one newscast, and you will recoil with the realization that most mainstream newscasts are laden with sensationalism and off-the-cuff editorializing. It’s actually…..soothing…


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