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When will masks phase out? Most people believe mask requirements will disappear as soon as the “virus is under control.” Are we sure that is going to happen soon – or ever? Consider the following:

-Health officials are praising the mildness of this influenza (VIRUS) season as social distancing, increased vaccinations and MASKS have limited its spread and toll.

Estimated U.S. Influenza Burden, By Season.

With an annual U.S. death toll of up to 61,000, would you be surprised if public health officials through state Governors, ordered seasonal masking and social distancing to prevent the ‘unnecessary’ deaths of tens of thousands of Americans. The precedent for the masses to lose their freedom, to close businesses and schools to counter covid has been set.

Hopefully, this overreaction to the flu will not occur as the public fights back against seasonal, annual restrictions. Liberals typically favor removing choices from all to protect a select few. 18-20 year old adult citizens cannot legally purchase alcohol nationally and tobacco regionally. ‘Common sense gun control restrictions are enacted to ‘save just one life’. What will these same politicians due to save tens to hundreds of thousands of lives annually when they employ data that masking and social distancing works?

But what about the already spreading super strains of covid? From the currently spreading U.K. strain to the relatively unknown South African strain, health officials are already sounding the alarm that current vaccines may be less effective on them. Covid -19 is likely to be followed by others whether that is covid-21 (2021) or covid-22 (2022). What will the national and world response look like?

In the Wall Street Journal today, Dr. Fauci, idolized by some, abhorred by others recently said the U.S. could draw near a “degree of normality” by the fall, IF a majority of the country is vaccinated BY summer. Fauci’s words matter as he is the top adviser to Biden, and is followed by most health officials nationwide. Since most seniors have not been able to get vaccines already (if they want them), how will most Americans do so by summer. 30-40% of Americans do not plan to get the vaccine and 25% of the population are children and are not permitted to get the current vaccines at present. The math is clear. Most Americans will not be vaccinated and herd immunity is likely not going to be reached unless the virus spreads throughout the unvaccinated population.

Current estimates predict 566,000 covid deaths by May 1st out of a population of 331,000,000. ( All of these deaths are sad and the families will struggle. Yet, we must be careful not to lose our civil liberties unnecessarily in order to prevent deaths. Would we have stormed the beaches of Normandy or faced the British at Lexington if we were unwilling to accept the natural loss of life?

Some would argue this is not war, but our media and government has treated it as such. Biden just invoked the War Production Act to impact vaccine production.

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