History, Education and our children.

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As a historian who left public school teaching after 16 years, I know the pitfalls and realities of this attempt to blatantly indoctrinate our nation’s youth.

Debate: The 1776 Report / Commission v. the 1619 Project.

A NY Times-sponsored initiative, the 1619 Project is set to be endorsed by Biden and his Secretary of Education. As you may know, this initiative aims to rewrite America’s history with racism at its core and evident since the 1619 landing at Jamestown. Criticized by many historians, the plan to push systemic racism, anti-racist protocol and view America as a deeply-flawed experiment is still proceeding with the endorsement of top Democrats.

By contrast, Trump’s 1776 Commission established this past September to push patriotic, traditional U.S. History is likely to be removed through Executive Order and / or Department of Education action.

Case Study: The Minnesota K-12 Social Studies Draft Proposal

A radical, harmful plan to indoctrinate Minnesota’s youth is based on the focus on oppression, racism, marginalized communities and America’s role in supporting these goals. Beyond belief is the fact that teaching these topics will REPLACE teaching topics such as the Revolutionary, Civil and World Wars with LGBTQ+ equity and systemic racism in America since its founding.

17.9.3 Explain the social construction of race and how it was used to oppress people of color and assess how social policies and economic forces offer privilege or systematic oppressions for racial/ethnic groups related to accessing social, political, economic and spatial opportunities.


Imagine a school wherein the the American Flag and Pledge of Allegiance are replaced by Pride and B.L.M. flags with the Black National Anthem played before sporting events. Entirely possible!

More on this story over at Breitbart: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/01/15/minnesota-k-12-social-studies-draft-dumps-major-u-s-historical-events-for-systemic-racism/

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