Save Capitalism

You support free markets, work hard and don’t rely on handouts from the government. Capitalism has turned the U.S. into an economic powerhouse and Americans created that success. From large landowners to small farmers, shopkeepers and factory workers, the incentive to profit from your work has aided American families and attracted millions to our borders since our beginning. Private ownership of businesses and property with the ability to compete against others is the hallmark of the American way of life.

One of greatest growth periods in U.S. economic history occurred in the last four years. Despite the continued economic restrictions imposed by public health officials and governors, the U.S. economy has rebounded surprisingly fast during this pandemic.

Today, we will witness a new President with a dedicated plan to upend the U.S. tradition, widen the power of the federal government and weaken U.S. free enterprise. Small businesses run by white men will be neglected in favor of federal aid to women and non-white entrepreneurs. Most corporations and ultimately, average taxpayers will see their tax rates rise and deductions disappear.

Short term interest rates are very low, inflation is starting to rise as are oil prices. Stock prices have steadily moved upwards during the last quarter of 2020 and into this new year. NOW is an exceptional time to CAPITALIZE on the Biden / Harris debacle about to begin. Why not make money on their manipulation of the public and misguided path for America? Your stock market account, 401k or other retirement account has likely seen strong growth pre-covid followed by a sharp downturn last year. The recent upswing may well continue into early spring before reality sets in.

Gold is a great investment to prepare for the inevitable downturn in the coming year or two. How sharp it will be is unknown. Stocks in ‘green technology’ stand to benefit the most in the coming months as more money and support floods these industries. Pharmaceutical stocks stand to receive more federal funding and banks will likely profit even more as increased stimulus funds pour in. All of these investments should be viewed as short term, weeks and months at best before the true cost of lockdowns, debt creation, inflation and lower tax receipts are felt.

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Instead of sulking at the negative changes in the White House and Congress this week, make some money off them, showing capitalism is superior than socialism and bureaucratic control. Email if you want to talk specific investments.

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