Biden’s To Do List

There is no denying the reality of Biden as the next President. While it was undeserved(poor record as V.P., inactive for four years, too old) and unearned (barely campaigned, supported by media unconditionally, campaign lies and misstatements) it is our new actuality. I will not even get into voting irregularities and media suppression of voters with misinformation and extreme bias. Biden IS the new President of the United States – for now. (Kamala Harris is probably waiting patiently for any opportunity to ascend.) So many liberals maintained Trump was not their President so we can expect many conservatives to do the same.

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Nevertheless, Biden will sleep in the White House tonight, control the nuclear football and use the power (potentially abused) of the pen to change things on Day 1. Let’s examine the Executive Orders likely to be enacted without check or balance starting today.

In no particular order with my commentary (in parentheses)

-Define social justice and racial equity standards (push transgender, LGBTQ and pro-BLM initiatives).

-Stop all border wall construction and new funding for U.S. – Mexican border (allow more illegal immigrants into America).

-Limit immigration enforcement (stop I.C.E. from carrying out legal enforcement of the law).

-Preserve Obama-era D.A.C.A. program (create new and future Democratic voters).

-End travel ban from Muslim countries with major terror connections (will likely lead to radical Islamic terrorism that has been largely prevented for years).

-Will direct Census Bureau to use non-citizens in population count (shift more Electoral Colleges votes and U.S. House seats to Democrats).

-Rejoin W.H.O. participation (set up cooperation for future pandemics and lockdowns).

-Rejoin Paris Climate Accord (limit U.S. industrial capabilities and shift country toward green technology).

-Revoke Keystone XL pipeline permit (weaken U.S. energy independence).

-Create a national masking push for 100 days and require the same on federal properties (change little but reinforce fear while removing choice).

-Extend moratorium on evictions (hurt property owners and allow residents to be financially irresponsible)

-Extend student loan interest and principal payment pause for some borrowers (help only a select group spend more money elsewhere)

Sources: Breitbart ,Newsmax and Fox News

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