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Recently, we have navigated covid-19 and related lockdowns, we lived through an economic downturn, we watched as baseless race riots ravaged our nation’s cities and voted in an election with unprecedented turnout both in favor of, and against the incumbent, Donald Trump. The results on all counts have been disastrous, with lasting changes to our economy and way of life including how and when we can gather, worship , speak out and seek financial success.

Since November 3rd, we have seen delays and irregularities in voting tabulations and many have questioned the legitimacy of the Presidential Election. We witnessed a massive turn of events in the Georgia Senate races, resulting in full legislative and executive control by the soon to be President and Vice-President-Elect. Finally, we have witnessed a shocking attack on the Capitol and resulting movement for impeachment and the removal of free speech through censorship by large technology corporations.

All of this is well known and profoundly saddening as our beloved Republic appears to be unraveling daily. Not since the Civil War has domestic strife been so sharp. Historically, our nation has faced down countless external threats and has destroyed them or weakened them, bar none. Until now. The greatest threat to the Republic is not China(a close second), certainly not Russia, but rather, the forces of discord and disunity that preach the opposite. Biden plans an inaugural theme in one week called, “America United”, as his team works with ‘big tech’ and the ‘mainstream media’ to demonize 74 million+ Trump voters, their children and all who believe in conservative, patriotic or libertarian values.

As the President will almost certainly be impeached again, will likely avoid removal by the Senate (through required trial) again and will peacefully turn the Presidency over to Biden, what can we as concerned and loyal Americans do?

1- Continue to show our love for America and act peacefully while we prepare for any emergency, save for the rainy days and have faith in God, our military, law enforcement and institutions of government at all levels. While imperfect, we need them to rebuild and restore American justice, honor and strength. We have to accept Biden as President but have to ensure his effects are minimized until we can prevail in future elections.

2- Plan not only to vote in all future elections but become more active in donating time and money to worthy campaigns and party affairs.

3- Avoid the temptation to hate all politicians despite the results we are seeing. More importantly, don’t allow a fracture of the Republican Party as many call for new political parties. While great in theory, they will only divide the vote, ensuring fewer Republican victories in the future. Historically, third parties have siphoned off votes from major parties, changing the outcome drastically like in 1912 and 1992. We must change the party from within in order to compete with the slick, well-funded, media-supported juggernaut called the Democratic Party.

4-Move to pro-free speech platforms and social media alternatives. Consider withdrawing from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even YouTube and Amazon. Judge Apple, Microsoft and the multitude of media outlets as they donate to Democrats, censor patriotic Americans and change programming. I am compiling a list of alternatives for a future post.

5- Boycotting products and service works, especially when we communicate to those companies. It takes time and seems futile, but if more of us follow through, the impact will be felt. Alternatively, buy stock in said companies and contact them as investors, participating in proxy votes annually and calling attention to their misguided moves.

6- Most importantly, convince all to remain peaceful next week on Inauguration Day as further violence, riots or armed protests will result in massive attacks on the right including major infringements on free speech and likely the right to bear arms, This will happen on both state and federal levels and will affect many. We need to remain calm and plan for the preservation of the Republic through less polarizing means without violence.

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