Predictions for 2021!

Just some thoughts on the direction of things starting tomorrow.

-Due to massive voter turnout at the direction of a corrupt and biased media as well as potentially fraudulent voting practices, both Democrats will win the Senate races in Georgia next week. Control of the Senate will fall to V.P. Kamala Harris. Harris will control the Senate, will domineer the House (under Pelosi), effectively run the White House as Biden is too confused and weak to lead and may resort to court-packing the Supreme Court if the currently conservative-leaning court rules against significant progressive actions.

-Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will take office on January 20th, leaving tens of millions of legal voters dismayed with a system that produced peculiar voting results. The media is certainly at fault for manipulating the 2020 election, creating voters who were largely well-meaning, yet unaware and misguided.

-Donald Trump will leave office peacefully as he loves America too much to cause the harm he was predicted to create.

-Donald Trump will not fade away, but rather, will continue to tease another run in 2024 (he won’t run, ultimately), will continue to hold rallies, use his soon to be limited Twitter platform as he can and maintain the election was stolen.

-The stock market will experience sharp drops as a liberal federal government and fear of progressive reforms will meet up with the true costs of continued shutdowns, unemployment and mounting debt.

-The dollar will drop in value, gold prices will rise, oil will rise and faith in the economy will falter.

-Covid-19 vaccinations will not end the control by public health ‘experts’ and tyrannical governors who will hold the fear of new strains of covid and next year’s influenza season over newly converted subjects who have traded the illusion of safety for their civil liberties including freedom of assembly, religion and certainly free speech. Masks and social distancing will not go away permanently, but will become ‘seasonal tools’ that citizens must follow to protect the public health.

Summation = 2021 may be worse than 2020.

Thanks for reading. Come back next year for more!

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